How we work

We aim to make your visit to County Stone Memorials as stress-free as possible by managing each stage of a memorial's creation from selection to placement. We encourage you to imagine how a memorial could reflect the personality of the deceased through the inscription, carving and style - important details which will ultimately make your choice unique and very special. 

We take the weight off your shoulders by providing a full memorial stone service - this means creating the memorial, taking care of administrative detail while ensuring you have as stress free experience as possible. We will liaise with relevant authorities and complete appropriate documentation prior to one of our NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons) accredited stonemasons placing the stone.

You can view all the memorials on the downloadable brochure or if you would prefer for us to post you a hard copy then we will be very happy to do so. 

If you require a bespoke memorial by changing the material, shape, design or style then please discuss this with us. 

Step 1

Choose the memorial 

Choose the memorial you require - if you require a bespoke design then we will send you a quotation either via email or in the post. 

Step 2


Decide upon your lettering for the memorial. Please look at the 'Lettering' tab for more information. We include a certain amount of letters in the price however additional will be calculated and we will make you aware of the cost. 

Step 3


We will require a 25% deposit to proceed with the order. This can be made payable by cheque, over the phone using a debit or credit card (we do not accept American Express) or by B.A.C.S. The final amount will be required after the memorial is installed. 

Step 4

Completing the application for either the Church, Cemetery or Crematorium.

We will send you all the paperwork in the post. This will include the application form(s), the fee to install the memorial at either a Church yard, Cemetery or Crematorium and two layouts of the wording for the memorial. 

Application Forms

Churches, Cemeteries and Crematoriums have rules & regulations about what type of headstones they allow and don't alow. We will fill out all the required information on the form(s) that includes a diagram with measurements of the memorial, the wording and how we will fix the memorial - the registered owner of the grave will be required to sign and date the highlighted fields on the form(s) and include the form(s) in the provided envelope along with the fee. 


The Church, Cemetery or Crematorium charges a set permission fee, which increases each year. 

Layout of wording

To ensure that we have the correct lettering for your memorial, we will send you two computerised layouts that will include the names, inscription and dates. Please ensure that you check the spelling of the name(s), check the dates and any inscription that you have - if you are happy with everything then please sign and date one copy and return in the provided envelope. If however you have any changes or something is not correct then please make these shown on one copy and send it back to us. We will amend the layout and resend it to you and will keep doing so until you are happy with it. Please retain the second copy for your records.  

Step 5

Ordering the memorial

Once the Church, Cemetery or Crematorium approves the application (which can take up to a few weeks sometimes longer) we will order the memorial. Please note that this can take anything between 4-20 weeks and sometimes longer depending on the material. 

Step 6

Arrival of stone

Once the stone arrives we will inform you. The memorial will then be prepared to be lettered and finished before installation. 

Step 7


It is now time for the memorial to be installed. We will contact you with an installation date. It is advisable that you do not attend on the day that we install the memorial. We erect the memorial on a concrete foundation and, as NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons), we adhere strictly to correct fixing procedures.