Memorial engraving, inscriptions, lettering & photo plaques

Choosing your lettering

Choosing the style of letters for memorial inscriptions will give the stone individuality. There are numerous fonts available to enhance the stone - tones and contrasts are important to give the inscription stand-out. 

Different methods of preparing the stone for inscription include a sandblast computer stencil or hand-cut stencil. The more traditional method is to cut the stone by hand, while various methods of filling in the lettering are applied from enamelling, gilding and using lead either raised or flushed. Please note some styles of lettering are not appropriate for certain finishes and some finishes not suitable for certain stones. 

Hand Cut Lettering

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Hand Cut Lettering

Hand cut letters are cut in to a "V" shape, the depth of the letters is determined by the angle of cut and the size of the letter. Our carver plans out the lettering by sketching it out by hand on the memorial. The letters are then carved using different sized tungsten chisels and lettering hammer or dummy. The "V" cut gives shadows on the letter that add extra dimensions and depth to the what we see in the carving.

Sandblasted Lettering

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Sand-blasted Lettering

The design of sand-blasted letters begins on the computer with great attention to detail in the layout and spacing in order to get the desired result. In this respect the skill in designing an inscription that will be pleasing to the eye is exactly the same as for hand-carving. The finished design is then cut onto a blast resistant vinyl tape that is affixed to the face of the memorial. Once the letters are picked out the inscription can be blasted. The hard blast medium wears the stone away to a "U" shaped profile.

The sand-blast process gives a very precise letter edge and great precision and uniformity to the lettering. It lacks the "V" shape however and so shadow effect is not present.

The letters can be hand painted with different coloured paints to provide a pleasing contrast against the colour of the stone.


Photo Plaques

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Ceramic photo plaques are becoming very popular for headstones and memorials. 

Our supplier offers a range of ceramic photo plaques in a variety of shapes and sizes. Photos can be sent via e-mail, floppy or zip disc, CD or paper photograph, but the quality of the picture on the plaque is dependent on the quality of the original photo.

The photos can be enhanced by computer, however better quality photos will provide a better plaque.

All plaques carry lifelong guarantee. There are twelve different sizes of plaques that are available in six different shapes. Plaques and original photos will be returned to us within seven days. There is also the opportunity for the plaques to be finished in black and white or sepia.